Letters Before Action

Ideal for small commercial debts

After speaking to clients we have found that there are a large number businesses suffering with small debts and not enough time to chase them.

We now issue letters before action for a one off fee of £15.00

The letter will contain the invoice details with a copy of the invoice, your bank details for payment, pre-action protocol, statement of account, information sheet, financial statement and reply form for completion by the debtor.

This comprehensive package has been put together to ensure your debtor knows you are serious about collecting your outstanding invoices.

I hereby agree that this data will be stored and processed for the purpose of establishing contact. I am aware that I can revoke my consent at any time.*

* Indicates required fields

Preliminary Instruction Form

Please complete with the following details

1. Your name and address

2. Your telephone number and email address

3. Name and address of debtor

4. Short description of goods/services supplied

5. Amount outstanding

We will contact you to confirm/bank details and collect payment of £15.00